Air Force Helicopter Crashes In Kaduna


Early on Monday morning, a Nigerian Air Force helicopter crashed in Tami village, which is part of Kaduna State’s Igabi Local Government Area, Northwestern Region of Nigeria.

A witness told The PUNCH that the helicopter crash occurred around 5:00 am, causing widespread alarm in the community. According to reports, the helicopter was on a routine flight when it experienced technical issues, leading to the tragic accident.


The pilot’s swift execution of emergency procedures ensured their safe escape, according to PUNCH.

Eyewitnesses at the scene confirmed that the pilot emerged from the wreckage with minimal injuries. The crash site in Tami village quickly drew a crowd of residents who offered aid and expressed gratitude that the incident resulted in no fatalities.

“We heard a loud noise and rushed to the scene. We were surprised and relieved to see the pilot alive,” a witness was quoted as saying.


A swift response team from the Nigerian Air Force, comprising military officers, was dispatched to the crash site to secure the area, conduct a preliminary investigation, and ensure the safety of the local population.

The officers promptly cordoned off the area to prevent unauthorised access and began conducting initial assessments to determine the cause of the crash, which is still unknown at this time.


Despite repeated attempts, SaharaReporters was unable to obtain a comment from the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) regarding the incident. NAF spokesperson, Edward Gabkwet, did not respond to multiple calls and text messages from our correspondent, failing to provide a statement on the matter.


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