Moment Video Monitor Falls And Crushes Dancer In Front Of Thousands Of Fans During Concert


The terrifying video below captures the moment a huge screen fell from a stadium ceiling and crushed a dancer in front of thousands of fans during a concert in Hong Kong.


The boy band Mirror was performing a show at the Hong Kong Coliseum on Thursday night, July 28,  when one of the large video monitors above the stage suddenly fell down, crashing down onto one of the dancers while knocking over another.


Terrified screams and yelling was heard from fans who are distraught by the incident.



According to publication Dim Sum Daily, at least five people were injured with three others taken to hospital.


The band’s manager, Ahfa Wong, took the stage following the accident to apologize and cancelled the remainder of the show.


News reporter Ezra Cheung shared a clip of the shocking footage of the incident to Twitter.


His post said: A horrible accident erupted as a Hong Kong singing and dancing boy band was hosting their first concert, injuring at least two dancers.


“Both were said to be conscious when being sent to the hospital.”


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