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Apps to Convert Airtime to Cash in Nigeria 2022



Apps to Convert Airtime to Cash in Nigeria 2022

Got some Extra Airtime? Convert that to Cash with the apps listed below…

We know how frustrating it is when you over-recharged your mtn, airtel, glo, or 9mobile sim or you received airtime from a loved ones that you would like to convert to cash to meet an immediate need. Don’t worry , with this article you’ll be able to Convert Your Airtime To Cash.




MTN, Airtel, Glo, 9mobile

PayRecharge is another value added service provider that has one of the best apps to convert airtime to cash in Nigeria.

On this platform, you will pay a flat 20% fee across the four major network providers when swapping.

Similarly to Tingtel, the operation is on mobile application hence, you will have to download to its mobile app before you can begin your airtime to cash exchange process.

The interface of its app is easy to understand. You will not have a challenge using it as from your homepage, you only need to select the Airtime to Cash button and you will be given a page to fill your request.

Once filled and the proceed button is pressed, information on how you can transfer the airtime will be given to you. Your PayRecharge wallet will be credited once the transaction is validated.





MTN, Airtel, Glo, 9mobile

GoSub is another web platform where you can convert airtime to cash in Nigeria.

Using this provider, the value you get varies depending on the mobile network you need its airtime exchanged for naira.

The services are offered through its website, making it a one-fits-all for all devices as you can access from any good browser installed on your phone or personal computer.

The interface is well laid out with the convert airtime to cash button easily traceable from its menu items which also include functionalities for data recharges, bills payment and money transfer.

The exchange page shows how much you will be paid after conversion once you have selected the mobile network, filled your phone number and the amount you need converted.

Create an Account filling in your correct Details

Most of these platforms that swaps airtime to cash requires you to create an account which is meant to ease the remittance process after you have sent the airtime.

Ensruing you provide the correct information will be essential as most need you to verify by sending you an email and or an SMS with code to validate the authenticity of your transaction.

Select the Network you Want to Convert its Airtime to Cash

While there are four major network providers in Nigeria, not all these platforms supports convertion of airtime for the four telcos.

Once you have picked the provider of your choice and created an account, select the applicable option that allows the exchange of airtime to cash.

This page gives you an overview of the supported mobile network providers. Select that you need to proceed.

Figure out the fee by providing the Amount to Convert

Having an idea how much you will get after selling the airtime is something common on these exchanges.

Fee chargeable might varies depending on the provider. Usually once you fill in the amount you want to do away with, you will be given the net value after convenience fee deduction.

The net value is what will be paid to you after successfully converting the airtime to cash.

Once fine with charges, Submit request and Send Airtime

Once you have provided the required information and the fee is satisfatory to you, initiate a transaction by submitting your request.

On most, an ID will be generated for your request which you are expected to keep until the transaction is completed.

You will be given details on how to send the airtime and comes with a rechargeable mobile phone number specific to the mobile network you selected that you are expected to share the airtime or mobile recharge PIN to.

Do Offline Confirmation and Gets Credited to your Wallet

Some of these convert airtime to cash platforms will require an offline confirmation before you will be credited the net value.

This can come inform of an SMS or email where you will be asked to affirm that the airtime is yours and you authorised it yourself.

Once this step is completed (though not applicable to all), your wallet will be credited.

Transfer the money to your Bank Account

Because most of these providers where you can convert airtime to cash are value added service providers, your net value will be settled into your wallet.

Nevertheless, you can always send it to your bank account or use it to do other things that include bills payment, gift card purchase and other services depending on the platform.


5 Best Platforms To Convert Your Airtime To Cash In Nigeria

This is a site that allows you to instantly convert airtime from any network into cash. They allow you to transfer airtime from MTN, 9mobile, Glo, and Airtel to any bank account in Nigeria.

The program allows you to easily exchange your recharge card for cash and deposit it into your bank account.


Apps to Convert Airtime to Cash in Nigeria 2022

AirtimeFlip is another good app that’ll allow you to turn your airtime into cash in Nigeria, this app is one of the best out there, and while it only offers conversion of airtime to cash, for now, you can still trust it to be your favourite airtime converter.


Apps to Convert Airtime to Cash in Nigeria 2022

Excess MTN, Airtel, 9mobile, and GLO airtime can be converted to cash with Zoranga. Zoranga has built a standard way for Nigerians to convert airtime to cash.

Zoranga’s meticulously designed APIs and unmatched functionality help online businesses create a simple way for Nigerians to pay you with airtime. Daily, they convert airtime worth millions of naira to cash for both our personal and business customers. Businesses have the reassurance of their advanced fraud protection and payment protection policy..




With many options for you, mistakenly over-recharging your phone number should not be something you bothers much about.

Through arrays of websites and applications, you can do away with the excesses using one of the platforms helping people to convert airtime to cash in Nigeria.

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