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Kaycee koncept: How Kaycee Koncepts Photography Refused To Deliver Pictures 7 Months After Funeral



How Kaycee Koncepts Photography Refused To Deliver Pictures 7 Months After Funeral.

Akunna Chukwu, an accountant, has narrated how Kelvin Nzeruo, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kaycee Koncepts Photography, refused to deliver her father’s funeral pictures seven months after the event.


Chukwu lost her father in July 2021 and the burial rites were held in October. To preserve his good memory, she, on behalf of her family, contacted Nzeruo to cover the funeral.


“We contacted him to cover the funeral because he previously handled my sister’s traditional marriage in 2019. We negotiated N300,000 and I paid him N240,000 in instalments,” she told FIJ.


They agreed that the pictures would be released within a week of the event, while the video and photo albums would be released subsequently. However, seven months after, the family is yet to receive the photo albums.


“At the end of October, I asked him about the pictures and he said he would send them. But since then, he has been ignoring my calls and messages,” Chukwu said.


“On October 28, he sent me a picture link out of the blues. The picture quality was poor and I complained about it.

One of Clara’s messages to Kaycee

“Some of the pictures he took were unnecessary. The highlight of the funeral was the lying-in-state. My dad was a peaceful man and he looked peaceful in the decoration we made him.

“We wanted to see those pictures of him, but he didn’t have them. He only had one blurry page of the lying-in-state. I sent him several messages of my observations for corrections, but he ignored me.

Chukwu said she paid for two photo albums but got only one with poor quality.


Kaycee Koncepts Nzeruo

“In December, he sent me a photo album,” she said. “We paid for two albums but he sent one and another wrong one. The other was a wedding album. I took the two from the dispatch rider and told Kaycee about it.

“In the album, he printed the same pictures I complained about. He neither allowed us to select the pictures we wanted nor effected the corrections. I had people talk to him but he still wouldn’t bulge.”


“For the video, I didn’t receive it until December. Instead of a soft copy, he sent a flash. We can’t send that to the family in the village. A link to the video would have been easier for them to click.

“The video trailer he sent contained the lyrics of a father who abandoned his family. He didn’t represent my father well. I told him to change it but he refused. I can’t respond to my mom’s call now because I am tired of explaining to her.

“I had to ask if he had lost a loved one before or knew the pain of it. We are done mourning and trying to move on but we can’t because it feels like we are holding on to something in the past.”

Another chat with Kaycee

When FIJ contacted Nzeruo in early April, he said he only had to make corrections to a photo album. “They asked me to make corrections to the album. I have not been around, but I will deliver it on Tuesday. Maybe she mentioned the trailer, I can’t remember. But the correction on the photo album is what I owe them.”

However, FIJ learned that over a month after promising to deliver the album, Nzeruo has not done so.


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