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US Trains Dogs To Sniff Out Those Infected With COVID-19 In Schools



Schools in the United States of America are to receive two dogs which have been trained to detect an odour from the people who have contracted and are sick with the coronavirus.

The two dogs are to visit three school districts in Bristol County, in Massachusetts, a state in the US this week.

WBZ – TV on Tuesday, reported that a black Labrador named Huntah and a golden Lab called Duke could discover the smell of the COVID-19 on surfaces and will sit to indicate when they pick up the scent.

The dogs are reported to visit schools in the Freetown, Lakeville and Norton school districts.

“With COVID, whether it’s the omicron, whether it’s the delta, our dogs will hit on it,” said Bristol County Captain Paul Douglas.

“And if there’s a new variant that comes out in six months, hopefully, there isn’t, but if there is one, COVID is COVID.”

Fairhaven School Superintendent, Tara Kohler welcomed the dogs saying their presence displays students, “we are doing everything we can to mitigate the risk and I want them to feel secure and safe and not anxious about their surroundings.”

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