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New Model Of IPhone 13 Pro Costs £6,427, Contains Real Dinosaur Tooth (Photos)



Designers create a £6,830 version of Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro Max containing a fragment of a real 80 million-year-old T.REX Tooth

With a price tag of up to £1,549, Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro Max is one of the most expensive smartphones on the market.

But a new version of the flagship smartphone has gone on sale that makes Apple’s £1,549 pricing look like pocket change.

Luxury phone brand Caviar has unveiled a £6,830 version of the iPhone 13 Pro Max called the Tyrannophone, which features a fragment of a real 80 million-year-old T.Rex tooth.

aThe Tyrannophone is part of Caviar’s new Tera collection and features an image of a T.Rex.

‘Unique iPhone 13 Pro Tyrannophone is adorned with a 3D image of a dinosaur head that strikes fear into the hearts of your competitors with a gaze of its yellow eye, made of pure amber,’ Caviar explained.

See photos below:-

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