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Npower: See Why You Were Not Selected For The Non-graduate Category



If you are an N-Power Batch C applicant and you applied for the N-Power non graduate category but you are yet to receive the message on your profile for the training it simply means that you were not selected at this period.

Would suggest you exercise patience and wait for the second batch which is the Npower stream 2, please note, what is obtainable in the Npower graduate category is also obtainable in the non graduate category, the non graduate category will also have the Npower stream 2 component.

The only difference between the N-Power non graduate category and the graduate category is the duration of their program and the disparity in their stipend, and their devices, the non graduate category is entitled to ₦10,000 stipend this excludes the camp expenses which will be catered for, those residing within the community will receive ₦30,000 for all camp training expenses while Npower non graduate applicants coming from other states to training camp will get ₦40,000, the stipend for graduate category remains at ₦30000.

If you are yet to receive the training schedule as an Npower non graduate applicant keep checking your Npower NASIMS portal alternatively you can use the Npower self care code *45665# to check your deployment status.

All Npower Batch C applicants both graduates and non graduates have been advised to stay tuned for Npower C2.


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