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CBOF and Rotary Club of Maryland Donates Blocks of Classrooms, Hall to Community Junior High School



CBOF and Rotary Club of Maryland Donates Blocks of Classrooms, Hall to Community Junior High School.

A completed and furnished classrooms and hall have been donated to Community Junior High School, Wasimi, Maryland, Ikeja Lagos, by Rotary Club of Maryland and Chris Bamidele Onalaja foundation (CBOF).

Speaking at the event the principal of the school, Mrs. Sadare Olufunmilola said that the parent teacher association [PTA] and students are very happy for the wonderful gesture and promised to help advice the students on maintenance of these facilities.

″Capacity of the school was checked in determining the number of the students in our school so we are in good number, there will not be issues of ever crowding.

We are very glad to see these projects that have been donated to us by Rotary club Maryland, Ikeja and Chris Bamidele Onlaja Foundation {CBOF}.

We appreciate them for partnering with Lagos state government to give us these big wonderful project. It will go a long way in giving us accommodation in a conducive atmosphere for teaching and learning. We have plans to collaborate with their parents in maintaining these facilities.″ she said.

Also speaking the basic education and literacy committee chairperson Rotary club Maryland said that the rotary club of Maryland make book donation to students a priority because it is the only when they read that they can know.

″24 percent of students worldwide are being bullied, the effect of bullying is traceable in our society because it destroys the orientation of the child, and we need to let them understand what bullying means and the consequences of bullying.

We give them books on Morals, books on instructions on how to be better, we give them reasons why they should read, you can know about life, culture and information when you read.

There is this saying that when you want to ride something from a black man you put it in a book, we want to teach them to read to make reading a culture.

Every year the rotary club of Maryland put in resources to make sure that we continue to follow up our projects.

We were able to effectively use the space available to build 3 class rooms a hall and the principal’s office and staff rooms.″ she said

Speaking to press the founder of Chris Bamidele Onalaja foundation (CBOF) and president Rotary club of Maryland, Bamidele Onalaja said that September is marked for basic education and literacy in Rotary.

″Rotary is the biggest humanitarian organization in the world and September is marked as the month of basic education and literacy.

We always visit the school, normally we give exercise books and bags but when we visited he school the principal and the staff of the school told us the challenges, we decide to give them these blocks of class rooms, a hall, staff rooms and principal office. We started mobilizing to build these place, we built this place with in 10weeks. The motivation for this is to change lives.

CBOF in collaboration with Rotary Club of Maryland Ikeja came together to build these school and that is why we are here today, the students are so happy for the classrooms and the hall.″ He said

The Charter President of Rotary Club of Maryland and Immediate past district governor, Bola Oyebade said that the club is sustaining the efforts of government in the education system.

″The special thing about this is that it is an educational project, we are doing it to sustain what the government is doing in the education sector. We are expecting that more people will be able to use the facilities.

We are ensuring that many students can learn in a conducive environment. Sustaining this is not an issue, this is just taking a part of our projects to the next level and this is a very big one.″ He said.

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