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The Void Between The Presidency and The People 



By Steve Obum Orajiaku
“Peace of mind always comes with knowing who you truly are, where you currently stand, where you perceptively need to be, and strongly believing in its possibility.” Edmund Mbiaka.
The first time I learnt about the word VOID is in the first book of the Bible which is called Genesis. It simply means an empty area or space. The synonyms include bereft, destitute, desolate, vacant, vacuous, barren, etc.  This indefinite abandonment existing and prolonged between the political players and the proletariat is a weeping reality.
The awkward thing about this entire phenomenon is that the docility of the very marginalized party – the people themselves – who are directly bearing the brunt of the government crass indifference and insouciance is apparently without remedy or redemption. In fact, most of this hapless Nigerians have resorted either to relinquish their fate to their possible rewards in paradise or endlessly rue their citizenship of Nigeria, as if that will make up tangible punishment to their detractors in government circles. Then, on the other hand, this unfortunate set of democratic juntas are perennially incorrigible, puffed up, narcissistic self centered and unscrupulous, not minding the damning repercussions of their evildeeds and retributions both here and in the hereafter. It is not amusing, you know. There is no available statistics that collates the substantial damages which this kind of counterfeit government that actually makes mockery of what governance really ought to be. The figures are immensely burgeoning and their counts are practically occurring right to our faces when thousands of peoples lives are gunned down, and wasted on daily basis in Nigeria. The travesty of governance is now sought to be institutionalized by the same government representatives who gets paid to discourage such from happening.
Brethren, this spacious and desolate gap separating the national political affairs handlers from the cardinal members of the society is about the chief reason which is responsible for the grassroot movement uprising across the federation. The singular and yet effective solution that can be applied to close this widening gap is simply the sincerity and seriousness competency of of Nigeria public servants. In the past, on this column, I have done justice on several occasions to the fundamental requirements for nations building with specific mention of the best system compatible with and peculiar to Nigeria known condition. If you have found time to read certain books like From Third World to First Class. The Singapore Story by Lee Ku or The Wealth of Nation by Adam Smith, you will probably not need I to recap the theme of these great literary treasures here any more. Moreover, I had made reference to them in my previous write ups. But our major undoing is basically that we are punished by leaders who have reading phobia despite the aphorism that says that ‘leaders ought to be readers.’
While this writing is in earnest, on his social media page, a friend and townsman (but whose political ideologies and conviction sharply differs from mine) Joe Igbokwe posted what looks like the submissions of  my former boss and Presidential Media Personal Assistant, Mr Femi Adesina. My dear dispassionate reader fan, the said press release typically represents, in real time, the misreading of events, deep misconception of facts and acute misrepresentation of the people and national current developments by the presidency and their apologists but correctly construed and evaluated by the people. I will not inundate you with the full text, but if you are a Nigerian or resident in Nigeria, how does this sound…“When the Administration breasts the tape in another two years, by the grace of God, the applause will be resounding, even from the worst of sceptics.”? If you think that the hired presidential media assistant was hasty with such blind conclusions, wait and see the more grievous statement of error he made earlier. The event at which he bombarded the psyche and the emotional course of Nigerians was the marking of the 6th years in power of the incumbent president since the inception of his regime. In his sycophantic rating of performance thus far, it is all accolades and credits and no gray areas that requires urgent attention, whatsoever. Furthermore, he continues to utter this obnoxious and repugnant nonsense… “From infrastructure, to finance, education, healthcare, sports, anti-corruption, human development, housing, oil and gas, foreign relations, and many others, the administration is recording giant strides, enough to make Nigerians proud.” Can you beat that?
God will mercifully and graciously pardon oga Femi and his ilks but that may not have anything to do with evading the people’s expression of opprobrium and discontentment. Obviously there is motion without movement. This sect of boring yet boastful rulers are just busy doing nothing. The people of Nigeria, (and I mean the lower cadre) are not being scratched by the parambulating politicians at the point where it itches them most. To a certain degree, the pretentious political pundits are passionately pontificating about engaging their responsibilities but no progress is visibly and effectively achieved. The sprinkling accomplishments which the Nigeria presidency zealously lays claim to is grossly unable to mend the gapping impact which is clogging the interfacing between the government and the governed. Ded, thing no catch dem well! We’re still languishing and lamenting. The anguish of souls is aching. Our hearts are failing and fainting quite steadily. And yet our bossy leaders at the top, mocking and jesting over our travails by saying that all is well and we are all fine. Hello!!! Let our voices be loudly heared on the mountain top and in the valleys and in all the quarters where our possible rescue can be derived from.
The rating and evaluation of President Mohammadu Buhari stewardship at the 6th anniversary in power today 29th May 2021 is featuring in all mainstream and social media platforms with the outspoken public representives constructively disapproving on one hand while the governments spokespersons continue their whitewashing and prevaricating. As things stand presently, the bona-fide citizens of Nigeria need to control their respective inherent resources. Against productive, passionate, effective and patriotic leadership, we imperatively require our best and altruistic services with fortified characters in local, state and federal governments. Criticality speaking, hitherto I use to erroneously argue that geriatric leadership or probably the recycling or monotonous leaders remains our major undoing. However I have realized that this is not absolute. According to Dr Isreal Nonyerem Davidson, who seems to have have diagonised and articulates the ‘black’ continents fundamental problem in general when he said that “Our problem is not the age of our leaders but unfortified character.” It may be factual that slavely decimated us; religion polarized us; ignorance limits and constrains us and in practical terms, we are truth phobic (truth scared): but we can rise above board, yank off the chains and accoutrements of servitude and sorrows, and soar up into the total air of liberty and achieve great exploits.
 Finally, let Nigerians find utilitarian value and situational relevance of their preoccupation projects as claimed by their garrulous publicists. More than that, the president needs to unlearn this isolation disposition style that defines his attitude towards the people presently and condescend from his lofty heights to the people’s standard; perhaps only then will he appreciate the current plight and pain which his peoplea-unfriendly policies and programs have subjected Nigerians to and rectify it. Nigerians have been praised for their resilience capacity as a people. They are also good at improving upon any detected good quality and practices, especially when a perceptive leader notices these enough to harness same. Let us see eye to eye. Let us, if anything, disagree to agree. Let us join hands to heal our land.
God bless the good people of Nigeria. God bless our precious land.
Steve Obum Orajiaku
Freelance Journalist and Social Activist
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