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#Loveintraffic- Tunde’s Funny Love Story





My guy found love again, yes, in damn Lekki traffic precisely. It is so funny how it happened, maybe because he always forms hard guy all over the place.

I have known Tunde for about 15 years now. Since his first heartbreak in Uni, he stopped doing all these mushy-mushy things.

But something ghen-ghen happened to him in February. Very short gist, you ready?

So he had this client he had been chasing for almost a year. He was never in one place; they had postponed meetings like 10 times.

Finally, the client set up a Zoom meeting for Tunde to pitch to his team.

The pitch went well, they gave him go-ahead to develop samples and bring them to their Lekki office on a date to be agreed on.

The day came, my guy was super prepared. He bought a new suit sef, that was how over-prepared he was.

Baba hit the road as early as 7am, 12pm was the meeting time though. He lives in Ogba, so you can understand why he moved so early.

Traffic started doing him one-kin from the 3rd Mainland Bridge. Somehow he didn’t get out of it till almost 11am.

Too bad, traffic was moving slowly around Law School but it was not really static. He called the client to inform him that he was close by but he was stuck in traffic.

The client said they were ready. All his partners were in the office waiting, though they were expecting one more person apart from him.

He noticed his car engine was going off after the slow movement in traffic. That was strange. He would start the car again; it would go off shortly after.

Wahala was loading….

He put the AC off, trying to salvage the situation because he could not afford to wait a minute longer. It was about 11.45am.

Baba was already sweating. He removed the suit jacket and was trying to be calm.

At last, he got out of the snail-speed traffic just after Sandfill. Heaving a sigh of relief now since LCC wasn’t collecting tolls and vehicles were moving freely.

Alas, his relief didn’t last long!

Shortly after that Lekki Phase 1 pedestrian bridge, ehn? His car went off pata-pata. It won’t even start anymore.

He got down, now really perplexed and could not figure out what exactly to do next.

Call Uber? Call his client? Get the samples out of the car? Whatever he decided to do next, he wouldn’t leave the car in the middle of the road, just like that.

Mind you, he was late already. This was around 12.10pm.

He called the client and begged for 20 more minutes. He explained what happened and the client was quite understanding.

While he was packing the samples, trying to get a cab, he did not know how exactly he would get the car off the road.

He walked to the side of the road, not too far from his car. He booked a couple of rides, all of them said they couldn’t get to him immediately. They were still behind him in the Law School traffic.

One cab driver who was on the other side said he would come pick him up, but he needed to be patient because it would take him a while to make a U-turn to where he was.

He was waiting for the cab guy when he noticed a black Camry was packed not too far from where he was standing.

Shortly after, someone got down from the Camry to ask how she could be of help. She said she noticed he had been struggling with his car in traffic while she was behind him.

He responded that he already booked a cab but did not know how to get his car off the road.

Babe asked him to call the LCC PatrolTeam, saying that they normally help motorists along the Lekki-Epe expressway move broken-down vehicles to a safe place for free.

Tunde asked if there was anything he needed to do, maybe he had to be an LCC customer or something. Babe said nothing, he should just call for help.

To be sure he was not being played by this stranger who was not only looking finger-licking good but also bent on helping him out, he asked whether he needed to have cash, a pass, tag or something to show he had at least patronised LCC before.

I wouldn’t blame him too, how often do we enjoy such critical support service FREE OF CHARGE in Nigeria? The regular towing vans will even bill you based on how posh your car is.

She assured him that the LCC Patrol Team would not ask him for anything of such, then brought out her phone to give him their hotlines. Baba’s phone was flat, about to die!

Babe noticed and offered to help him call them. He thanked her and asked if waiting to help him wouldn’t affect her in any negative way. She said it was nothing she could not handle.

She called the LCC team, gave them details of the car and where it was located.

The LCC Patrol guys told her that one of their towing trucks was close by and would be there to attend to him in a jiffy.

Babe was about to leave; bros couldn’t find enough words to thank her for going out of her way to help him. She smiled and said it was no biggie.

You know what? The babe asked if Tunde was going anywhere close by so she could drop him off there. He said no, he’d be fine, that his cab had almost arrived.

Babe zoomed off and within a minute or two, his cab arrived. They both waited for a while, then the LCC guys joined them.

The LCC team was really nice to him. They offered to help him check the car but he could not wait further.

He gave them his details. They told him they would call for their towing vehicle and where they would tow the car to, for safety purposes. So that after his meeting he could go there with his mechanic or something.

He left his car in the safe hands of the LCC Patrol team, went to his meeting with the cab guy.

Gist never end o.. Something very funny happened at his meeting.

He got in, about 45-minutes late. He apologized and the meeting started almost immediately. Tunde’s client started the meeting by introducing his team.

Ghen, ghen, ghen, he introduced the only lady in the room who happened to be Tunde’s helper.

He noticed immediately he got into the meeting room but didn’t want to be too forward since it was a business meeting.

In short, the babe who helped Tunde call the LCC guys was his client’s legal consultant.

Remember the client told Tunde they were expecting one more person to join the meeting earlier? She was the one!

My guy was shocked all over again. After refusing the babe’s ride, it turned out that they were attending the same meeting.

The most interesting part was that the babe greeted him like she never saw him before. This poured another full bucket of cold water in his chest.

Normally, Tunde wouldn’t ask a lady for help in that situation. That’s how ‘hard‘ he is. Lol.

Let me not bore you sha. The meeting ended in premium joy. The team liked my guy’s work and asked the lawyer to prepare the necessary documents, then share with him to sign.

Last last, Tunde was destined to stay in touch with the babe, at least till the client paid and the project got off the ground.

To even think this babe is Tunde’s spec, anyday, anytime. A little-thick Yoruba chick with shining dark skin and ample flesh in the right places, you know her type?

Why he let his hard-guy nonsense make him turn down the babe’s ride beats me.

Back to the matter.

Tunde waited behind after the meeting to speak with the client and stylishly charge his phone till almost half battery level. He also asked if his client could recommend a mechanic around to help fix his car. He got a number to call and left.

He called one of the LCC Patrol guys who confirmed where the car was parked. He took a cab there, hoping to call the mechanic once he got to where his car was parked.

On getting there, a mechanic guy was already waiting for him. He asked how far, how did he know his car was faulty.


Mechanic guy said one madam called him and asked him to wait there to help him. Tunde asked which madam and where was she.

The mechanic guy pointed at a restaurant directly opposite the place, and said it seemed like she was working on her laptop there.

What a day in the life of my dear bro. He went into the restaurant and found his helper and client’s lawyer there!

My hard guy became as soft as a slice of bread soaked in thick hot tea.

Oh, our wife’s name is Ajoke, lol.

Apparently, after the meeting, she called the LCC guys for updates on the car. They told her where the car was parked. So she got a mechanic around to come along and wait for my guy.

After Tunde thanked her so much and became short of words for the second time on the same day. She told him she once saw him in birthday pictures an Instagram friend posted some weeks before. She didn’t ask the friend any questions because they were not really close.

She was surprised (not really sure it was him thou) when saw him struggling with his car in traffic and decided to wait for him ahead.

Maybe she could help, maybe they would just talk, probably exchange numbers. You know the level?

Don’t ask me what happened next ooo. That’s the end of my gist. You can come back in December for updates sha.

My guy found love again and I’m so happy for him.


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