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Nigerian First Class Graduate & PhD Student Commits Suicide In Germany



Nigerian First Class graduate and PhD student on scholarship in Germany, has reportedly committed suicide.


Twitter user @MsChimezie who shared the news, noted that academic depression is real especially when one is the “A type”. She also shared her experience dealing with her academic brokenness.


See her tweets below;


A DAAD Scholar from Nigeria, doing his PhD in Germany, recently committed suicide. A first class fellow from his Bachelor. While in my academic brokenness today, I cried and prayed for him. I hope he is at peace now. Academic depression is real, esp when you’re the A type.

I keep reminding myself that if my phase of academic mental instability gets worse or acute, all that I owe myself is to graduate when I should, with whatever grade. When graduate study is not going as it should and you have a standard to live up to, that messes things.

I hope graduate schools know incorporate academic psychotherapy and psychosocial support to what they are offering to students, especially to foreign students that moved into a new environment with new social and academic rules.

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