100 Happy Easter Wishes, Messages, Greetings and Prayers For Family and Friends

Happy Easter 2020 is on the brink of arrival and people (especially Christians) from across the world have started preparing for the Easter 2020 with high enthusiasm and the utmost happiness in their hearts. We all are well conversant with why Easter day is celebrated? What is the significance of Easter day? How to celebrate Easter day 2020?

Easter day is the holy Easter Sunday when Jesus Christ was resurrected from death for the well being of humanity and wipe off evil elements from the society. Moreover, this festival signifies the miracle and love of God for humanity. As Jesus was declared dead after the crucifixion on Good Friday, however, when a female disciple of Jesus visited his tomb, she found the tomb empty and later she and many individuals witnessed the presence of Jesus.

What Day is Easter 2020? When is Happy Easter 2020?

Not many individuals know that Easter day is a moveable festival. There is no date fixed in the Calendar for Easter day celebration because it is based on the day of Vernal equinox. Earlier, the council of Nicaea in 325 A.D. decided that Easter will always fall on the first Sunday after the first full moon.

Happy Easter Wishes

So, the day of Easter day usually falls between March 22 and April 25. This year Easter is falling on 12th April. The official date for Easter 2020 celebration is 12th April 2020.

When is Easter Weekend 2020 | Easter Weekend Dates from 2015 to 2025

Easter weekend 2020 starts on Saturday, April 11, 2020, and ends on Sunday, April 12, 2020. For your convenience, below we have created an Easter weekend table of 10 years that will help you to find out when the upcoming Easter weekend is falling.


Happy Easter Wishes 2020 | Easter Sunday Wishes

Easter is the occasion of spreading love and peace in the world, and also to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. During the Easter weekend, most of the adults stay busy in preparing for the big day, and kids bring liveliness to the whole environment by constantly chatting, hopping here and there, and giggling unreasonably.


The ultimate fun of Easter day celebration lies in celebrating with friends and family members, and also by sending the lovely Easter wishes 2020 or better say Easter Sunday wishes. To save you from the hassle of penning down Happy Easter day wishes on your own, we bring you an original selection of Easter wishes that you can send to closed ones and make the celebration utterly extraordinary.

    • Easter is a time to pray to God and ask him to shower endless love, joy, and peace on your family. I wish you a happy Easter 2020!
    • May you and you have one of the best Easter 2020 celebrations of all time. Pray Jesus to vanish all your sins and bestow you the lessons of love and devotion.
    • The biggest joy of all is joining hands together and commemorating the resurrection of the son of God. I wish you a memorable Happy Easter day!
    • There are umpteen reasons to love Easter day. You get to feast, you get to pray, and the foremost of all, you get together with loved ones and celebrates Jesus’s ultimate sacrifices. Happy Easter 2020 to everyone!
    • If you want serenity and utmost love in life, just follow Jesus Christ’s teachings and everything else will fall in line. Happy Easter day everyone!


  • Always be thankful to Jesus and life to give you brand new opportunities every single day. His mere presence is sufficient enough to vanish all your sins.
  • One of the best ways to celebrate Easter 2020 is by keeping your heart pure and filling it with utmost love. I wish you a very happy Easter Sunday!
  • The resurrection of Jesus Christ is one fine example of how truth vanishes the evil even after rising from the dead. Happy Easter day!
  • Maybe it sounds mythical to everyone, I still believe in the Easter bunny, the resurrection of Jesus, and the true love of the son of the god. I wish you a very happy Easter day!
  • The occasion of Easter day teaches us two things; good things never end and true love never dies.
Easter Sunday Wishes Quotes Messages

Happy Easter Messages 2020 | Full of Love Easter Sunday Messages & SMS

Easter weekend is the time of feasting, loving, praying, vanishing sins, and doing good deeds. It’s the day when everyone commemorates the resurrection of the son of God and seeks inspiration to live the life as aspired by Jesus Christ; with utmost love and peace along with maintaining the brotherhood.

Happy Easter Messages 2020

Are you looking for motivating and love oozing happy Easter messages 2020? If yes, this blog post won’t disappoint you. Feel free to sneak peek into our gargantuan selection of Easter Sunday messages and SMS and jot down the best to share on the occasion of Happy Easter 2020. Make sure to scroll the entire section so that you get look down completely our hard work for you.

  • May the lovely and happy morning of Easter bring heaps of good luck, opulence, and brotherhood for fellow beings in your life. Happy Easter day dear!
  • Savor the Easter day, take cues from Jesus’ sacrifices, feast and pray like there is no tomorrow. That is happy Easter 2020 is all about.
  • Let the craze of Easter day take over your mind, and let it add colors of love and bundles of yummy Easter eggs. I wish you a happy Easter day!
  • If you want to spend the Easter day in the simplest way, just sing hallelujah and drink some damn fine wine!
  • Easter is the time to remember the miracle of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and thank the Lord for paving the right way of love and peace for humanity. Happy Easter!
  • May the exuberance of Easter and spring brings a lot of rib-tickling and loving moments in your life. I wish you a happy Easter 2020!
  • The attitude of Gratitude towards Jesus Christ is the best way to ensure everlasting love and happiness in your life. Celebrate the resurrection of the lord with high spirits!
  • I wish you and your family the best Easter day of all time. May your family wealth, health, and happiness grow by leaps and bounds.
  • Hey everyone, I am going to miss you a lot this Easter 2020. I wish you guys celebrate the resurrection of Lord and festival with the utmost happiness!
  • The holy occasion of Easter teaches us to learn to appreciate the things we have in life and give extra things to needy ones. Happy Easter day 2020!
Full of Love Easter Sunday Messages & SMS

Funny Easter Wishes 2020 | Funny Easter Sunday Messages

Easter occasion is an exemplary time to do so many things like the celebration of the Jesus Christ, grand feast with near and dear ones, lots and lots of prayers, and also fun. Kids savor the Easter occasion by listening to Easter bunny stories, eating delectable chocolate Easter eggs, and playing games. Adults celebrate Easter day in their own way. They call all their near and dear ones, arrange dinner and wine for them, feast together, pray together, and remember the good old times.

Funny Easter Wishes 2020

Make Easter 2020 remarkable and rib-tickling for your loved ones by sending them funny Easter wishes 2020 and hilarious Easter messages that lighten up the mood in no time and make your loved ones ready to celebrate the Easter weekend with high spirits. All the below mentioned Easter wishes and messages are utterly original and ensure the beginning of a fun-filled Easter day.

  • Since my childhood, I wonder every year that how come Easter bunny manages to lay so many eggs at a time. Happy Easter!
  • I guess Easter day is the only occasion when you can prove the saying “ Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” wrong!
  • The arrival of Easter occasion brings a lot of love and happiness. Passage of the Easter festival leaves people with a lot of debt and credit card bills. Happy Easter 2020!
  • Easter occasion is all about expressing gratitude, sharing love and food, and getting little tipsy as well.
  • How come women crucified a man who can turn water into wine? Happy Easter day!
  • I pity on Easter eggs. They are laid only to get painted in different colors just for the decoration purpose. Happy Easter 2020 to everyone!
  • Easter celebration will sound more scrumptious to many if we put chicken instead of eggs on the table for the feast. Happy Easter!
  • I recommend everyone to stay aware of the Easter bunny because it comes with a lot of delectable calories that are hard to burn later. Happy Easter wishes!
  • The key reason why women love Easter more than men is they get to eat a lot of chocolates without any interruption.
  • Sending you Easter wishes in advance and also to appending numerous pounds by eating chocolaty Easter eggs!

Happy Easter Inspirational Messages | Motivation Easter Wishes 2020

Are you seeking some serious inspiration for celebrating Easter occasion and change your life as well? Well, the whole Crucifixion and resurrection scenarios of Jesus Christ is nothing less than a source of inspiration. They teach us some thought-provoking lessons like the truth cannot be buried, good always vanishes vicious, etc. Send a multitude of fascinating inspirational Easter messages and Easter wishes to your loved ones and bring a huge smile on their face on the occasion of Easter 2020.

Happy Easter Inspirational Messages

The crux of Easter day celebration is spending as much love and peace as you can, and also inspire the people you love to pursue greater things in life. Let’s get conversant with some of the most inspirational Easter wishes and messages that are painstakingly created only for our readers.

  • Jesus died for our sins, and he has risen from the dead to pave the way for the bright future of humanity. Happy Easter 2020!
  • Easter day is an occasion to be thankful to Jesus for innumerable times for giving numerous opportunities, again and again, every single day. I wish you a happy Easter day!
  • I wish your family receive immeasurable blessings, love, peace, and wealth on this Easter day. May you help the needy ones and keep the attitude of gratitude. Happy Easter!
  • Hey buddy, I want to spend this Easter day with you and your family eating Easter eggs and damn fine chicken cooked by your lovely wife. Happy Easter wishes!
  • May your Easter day be fulfilled with utmost enthusiasm, immense gratitude, and new endless possibilities. I wish you and your family a happy Easter day!
  • If you crave forever-lasting joy in your life, help needy ones as much as you can and never stop praying to Jesus. Happy Easter!
  • Taking inspiration from Jesus’s message of flourishing love and peace in the world, I want you to drop off all pernicious things and adopt Jesus’s philosophy of living this Easter!
  • Easter is one of the best festivals ever because it brings people closer, eliminate grudges between them, and give them an opportunity to share the love and express gratitude. Happy Easter 2020!
  • May this Easter occasion open different ways to let cash flow in your life so that you can help poor people.
  • On the occasion of Easter 2020, May the gates of heaven open up and Jesus showers uncountable blessings on you!
Motivation Easter Wishes 2020

Happy Easter Wishes for Friends 2020 | Easter Messages to Friends

After family, friends hold a quintessential place in your life. They are the ones with whom you create fascinating memories, they are the ones with whom you do preposterous and fanatic things, and they are the ones who have you back even when you are wrong.

Happy Easter Wishes for Friends 2020

With friends, you can share those things which you can’t share with family. In short, without friends, life will lose its frisky side. How about sending heart-tugging happy Easter messages to friends or heartfelt Easter wishes for friends on Easter 2020? Check out our intriguing selection of happy Easter wishes for friends and download the best one for the big day.

  • Indeed Easter is a great occasion to celebrate but it becomes more magical when you are with friends and do the stuff you love. Happy Easter day!
  • From the core of my heart, I am wishing all my nearest and dearest friends a Happy Easter day. May Jesus render you whatever you wish for in life.
  • Friends like you not only deserve the best gifts on Easter but also the best Ester wishes from your dearest buddy!
  • Hey buddies, I hope you guys have a fantastic Easter celebration and we both pray for each other’s health, good life, and opulence. I wish you all a Happy Easter day!
  • Best Easter wishes to my friends who are my perennial source of laughter and inspiration, who leave no stone unturned to insult me in front of others, and the foremost of all, who always stand by me during turbulent times.
  • I hope the Easter bunny brings a lot of chocolates and happiness in your life and this Easter festival turns out to be the best of all. Happy Easter 2020!
  • Hey fellas, it’s Easter time again! Let’s follow our old pact of helping others, spreading the message of love and gratitude, and getting little tipsy. Happy Easter guys!
  • To my forever ever friends, cheers to our another year of Friendship and thank you so much for putting efforts for keeping it very much alive. Happy Easter day!
  • Having friends like you make the Easter day celebration more frisky and raise the level of celebration a multitude of times. Happy Easter to all my buddies!
  • You guys are glittering sunshine in my gloomy life, and you guys are also soothing moonlight in my topsy-turvy life. Happy Easter day!
Easter Messages to Friends

Happy Easter Messages for Family | Heart Moving Easter Wishes for Family

Family – the very word gives us the strength and confidence to stand tall in life and make a separate identity in this world. Easter day exemplifies the Jesus rose from dead and enlightened humanity by his teachings. However, the first teacher for a child is his/her family. The teachings, moral values, and principles a family imbibes in their child determine the large part of his/her future.

Happy Easter Messages for Family

Looking for the finest Easter messages for family or the original Easter wishes for family to send on the occasion of Easter 2020? Sneak peek into our exuberant selection of Easter messages and wishes for family and surprise them by sending these lovely wishes and messages. You can also download Easter wishes and Easter messages right here and right away.

  • My life beings with my family and will surely end with it. May your love and endless affection keep showering on me like that. Happy Easter lovely people!
  • The real joy of the Easter celebration is when your entire family is seating on the dinner table and feasting together. There is nothing more satisfying than having Easter feast with your entire family.
  • Easter is also the beginning of spring. It’s the beginning of new dawn, a new set of possibilities, and a new day to express gratitude towards the family. Happy Easter day!
  • The joy of the resurrection of Jesus and feasting with family on Easter day is immeasurable and incomparable. I wish all my family members a very happy Easter!
  • Love and happiness are real when shared with friends and family members. May Jesus render my family members great health, wealth, and maintain a strong relationship between all. Happy Easter!
  • May the power blessings of the son of God enrich your life with good experienced, good people, and good food. Happy Easter 2020 to my family members!
  • Jesus conquered the death, he conquered the devil, and he will conquer all your problems if you show an unflinching faith in him.
  • The love of Jesus is the greatest love of all. The second greatest love is the love of family. Rest everything is an illusion. Happy Easter day!
  • Easter is a damn fine opportunity to renew your faith in Jesus and rejoice the day with family. I wish happy Easter 2020 to all my family members!
  • Easter day is indeed the most glorious day for humanity as he has risen from the dead to save humanity. Happy Easter day!
Heart Moving Easter Wishes for Family

Happy Easter Messages for Cards | Happy Easter Greetings 2020

Happy Easter Messages for Cards | Happy Easter Greetings 2020
  • May your Easter day be as sweet as chocolaty Easter eggs. May you put hundreds of pounds this Easter.
  • On Easter 2020, count your friends, blessings, and Easter eggs. That’s all matter during the celebration!
  • Hey dear, can you answer one perplexing question? What came first; Easter eggs or Easter bunny?
  • Those who live the teaching of Jesus Christ every single day, for them every day is an Easter day.
  • The story of Jesus’s resurrection is the greatest inspirational and love story of all time. The best part is this story has a happy ending.
  • Easter day gives you a valuable opportunity to get together with your loved ones and spend the best time with them. Happy Easter day!
  • All you need are two things to complete the Easter celebration: family and Easter eggs.
  • Long live the teachings of Jesus, long live the celebration of Easter day, and long live the bond between you, your friends, and family members.
  • Easter bunnies are real, the resurrection of Jesus is real, Jesus walking on water is real. Everything is real and possible if you believe in the power of God.
  • I wish this Easter day fill your life with flabbergasting miracles and unexpected love!

Religious Easter Messages | Happy Easter Wishing Messages & Easter Blessings

Religious Easter Messages | Happy Easter Wishing Messages & Easter Blessings
  • While celebrating Easter Day 2020, don’t forget to remembers the sacrifices Jesus made for mankind and the bountiful love he showered. Happy Easter!
  • Forgiveness is the attribute of formidable people, weak ones cannot forgive. Learn to forgive your enemies like Jesus and emanate endless love.
  • On Easter 2020, rejoice as much as you can and share you rejoice to everyone to remember the son of God who set us free.
  • Easter day is the time to celebrate new dawn, new opportunities, and new life.
  • May this Easter, all your broken relationships may get renewed, your love gets revived, and your wealth and health get restored.
  • Never lose your hope, never lose your purpose, and never lose your courage. Jesus helps those who help themselves.
  • Don’t ever worry about your future. Just fulfill your duties religiously and leave everything on Jesus Christ. He will render you all those things you deserve!
  • It’s because of Easter day, unaware people got consciousness, all forms of slavery were abolished, and people started grasping the message of love and peace. Happy Easter day 2020!
  • No matter how much you try to complete yourself, without the love and blessings of Jesus, you will always be less than complete. Happy Easter day 2020!
  • Because of God’s painful sacrifices, humanity has survived and advanced by leaps and bounds. Whatever exists on this planet is out of the sheer love of Jesus!


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